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I acted on an impulse and did a stand up just a few hours ago. The performance was great.

I decided to keep some record---a reflection of how it went, and analyze the good and bad.

I talked about my 200 pounds student, and how he became much better with girls in school using my advice.

Girls are riddles to me. I enjoy solving the riddles, but not really aiming at getting the prices. I guess that's one of the reasons why I have been single all my life. I am still waiting for a better woman to show up, as all the females I have seen were either not good enough, or too hard to get (at the time). 

Now I see it---no girls are too perfect for me. They are just humans, full of flaws and all. I became a realist. 

As an ADHD sufferer, i never really planned, or couldn't follow up on my plan very well. I need a structure from the outside, such as school, to keep me structured. This is why I don't always utilize my own advice, as it requires focus to implement, but my advice has worked wonder for many people. They are usually correct. 

I talked about God. He must have a plan for me. I asked why he gave me ADHD. This condition is far more worst than it sounds. It takes away your ability to plan ahead, or to follow through your plan. But I joked about how I didn't become a psychopath because I had ADHD---as you need a lot of focus to implement those sick ideas. 

I watched the Human Centipede 2. I mentioned that in my set. It made a great laugh. I was torn by guilt though. I was so tired after a busy semester, and busy weeks during Christmas, that I finally snapped and couldn't resist watching it on Netflix. 

Then I talked about me being there not to make them laugh. I warned them that the rest of my set might not be funny, because I was there for myself. I wanted to talk and validate myself---I havent talked to a human for 3 days! (not true, but dramatic to say it on stage)

Then I went to their party, which was great.

Then I went to the Madison Avenue pub, and entertained 2 groups of people. The second group was a set of 4 gorgeous girls. I was so confident that I kept them listening to my story and what not, but I called it a night as I wanted to leave on a high note. I was so random. 

I went home. Great night

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